Thursday, August 28, 2008


Chappathi is the most common North Indian dish like the rice in south India. Many of us might have struggled eating hard chappathis some times, when it had gone wrong. Though it is easy to make, I believe that my recipe may add some useful tips for a perfect soft chappathi.


  • Wheat flour-3 cups
  • Wheat flour for dusting the chappathi board and roller-half cup
  • Water-1 1/4 cup(approximately)
  • Salt
  • Oil-1 tablespoon


  • Heat the water and dissolve the required amount of salt in it.
  • Add the warmed water to the wheat flour, little by little.
  • Take care that too much of water is not added.
  • Knead it into semi-hard dough.
  • The dough should neither stick to the hands nor very hard to press.
  • Add oil to the dough and knead it for 5 -10 minutes.
  • Allow it covered with a wet cloth for 20-30 minutes
  • Make it into small lemon sized balls.
  • Dust the chappathi balls, the board, and the roller with dry wheat flour.
  • Roll into a round thin chappathis.
  • Dust the chappathi with dry flour whenever you feel it sticks to the board.
  • Heat the dosa tawa.
  • When the tawa is hot, put the chappathis.
  • Turn the chappathi after 10 seconds and apply oil evenly (slightly more than that required for dosa).
  • Now turn the chapathi again and apply oil to the other side.
  • When the chappathi puffs up, press it slightly with a flat spoon.
  • Turn every 3 -4 seconds and remove it from flame when it is cooked well on both sides.
  • Reduce the heat 2-3 before taking off the cooked chapathi from the tawa and increase when putting a new one.
Only after writing this post, I really wonder myself, about the things that has to be followed in doing a simple chappathi.

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