Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to clean ceramic electric stoves

I guess, one of the tedious tasks in kitchen is to clean the ceramic electric stoves. Especially if we spill the sugared milk/tea on the hot stove, it is almost impossible to remove the hard stains. I thought the same, before I got to know about the VSR cleaning set introduced by an electrical technician. I thought, sharing the details would help many of the kitchen lovers and here it is.

Materials needed:
# VSR cleaning set( includes powder, knife, polishing liquid)available in amazon
# Microfiber towel
# Kitchen tissues

# Wipe the stove with a wet sponge to remove bigger loose particles
# Sprinkle some VSR powder and spread it once with a wet kitchen tissue paper
# Clean hard stains with the knife
# Then wipe again with a clean wet kitchen tissue paper
# Use polishing liquid and spread it with a kitchen tissue paper
# After cleaning with a dry kitchen tissue paper use a microfiber towel to polish the surface
# A thin layer of polishing liquid provides a protective surface for the future